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London 19th April 2017

Eritrea's youth YPFDJ diaspora, are the best organised and disciplined Africa diaspora networks and indeed a proud asset to the African Union and to our beloved Continent says, former Ambassador of South Africa, to the State of Eritrea, Prof Iqbal Jhazbhay, on Sunday 16th April 2017 in Hollan.

The 13th YPFDJ Conference in Europe convened in Benelux, 13th April - 17th April 2017.

Attending the Young-PFDJ Conference in Europe over 680 Eritrean youth representatives from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Sudan, Israel, Belgium, Uganda, Kenya, Middle-East, South Sudan and the United States. Mr. Yemane Ghebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the People’s Front for Justice and Democracy (PFDJ), several Eritrean Ambassadors, Diplomats, Community Leaders and Friends of Eritrea attend the 4 days Conference.

The goal of the educational Conferences, both inside Eritrea and in the Diaspora are designed to harness and build a “Patriotic, Conscious, Youth Movement”, which will build on Eritrea’s past achievements, experiences and safeguard inherited values critical for Eritrea’s desire for a sustainable economic, political and social development.

On work accomplishments at conference, Mr Zerai Teclai, Chairperson of YPFDJ - Europe, explained that vigorous endeavors have been exerted towards organizing youths as regards possessing enhanced national principle, enhancing the contribution of the youth in national development programs and mounting staunch resistance against external conspiracies, and thus portray Eritrea's correct image.

He said, our responsibilities is to safeguard and defend the proud culture and values inherited from the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), to continue to lay the foundations for achieving Eritrea’s development strategies.

The YPFDJ chapters from across Europe have presented their annual report updates and status of their national YPFDJ chapters; the challenges and opportunities they are facing in their respective localities and also the continuing organizational development of Eritrean communities.

Youth Cultural Group presented musical drama, poems depicting the Eritrean history of struggle for independence and its milestones.
In addition to its entertainment content, the presentation by the youth added to the educational theme of the Conference.

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ጉጅለ መንእሰያት ህግደፍ ከተማ በርሚንግሃም፡ ብሰንበት 9 ሚያዝያ ጉባኤኡ ኣብ ከተማ በርሚንግሃም ኣቃኒዑ።

ኣብቲ ብርክት ዝበሉ መንእሰያትን ወከልቲ ማሕበራትን ዝተሳተፍዎ ጉባኤ፣ ጸሓፊ መንእሰያት ህግደፍ ጉጅለ ከተማ በርሚንግሃም ኮይኑ ከገልግል ዝጸንሐ መንእሰይ ተኽለ ተስፋማርያም ኣብ መኽፈቲ መደብ ዘቕረቦ ሓጺር ጸብጻብ፣ መንእሰያት ንዘጋጠሙ ተጻብኦታት መኪቶም ከም ዝሰዓሩ፣ ብሕጂ’ውን ኣበርቲዖም ክሰርሑ ምዃኖም ገሊጹ።

ጸሓፊ ጨንፈር መንእሰያት ህግደፍ ዓባይ ብሪጣንያ ዳያን ሲራክ ብወገኑ ኣሰራርሓ ሰንሰለት ትካላዊ ቅርጺ መንእሰያት ህግደፍ ድሕሪ ምብራህ፣ መህግደፍ ካብ ዝሓለፉ ዓመታት ትካላዊ ኣሰራርሓ ብምሕያል ኣብ ዝሓየለ ደረጃ ከም ዝርከብ ኣዘኻኺሩ።

bermingham Ypfdj

ኣቦ መንበር ጨንፈር መንእሰያት ህግደፍ ዓባይ ብሪጣንያ ብርሃነ ሰመረ ድማ፣ ምንጪ መሰረት ፓለቲካዊ ሓይሊ እንታይ እዩ? መምዘኒ ሓይሊ ናይ ጉጅለ እንታይ እዩ? ኣብ ዝብል ኣርእስቲ ዓሙቕ ትሕዝቶ ድሕሪ ምቕራብ፣ ንተቐማጦ መንእሰያት በርሚንግሃም ድሕሪ ምንኣድ፣ ሓባራዊ መረዳእታ፣ ኣድማዕነት፣ ሕጋዊነት፣ ቀጻልነትን ኣሰራርሓ ዝኽተል ውዳበ ንዘጋጥሙ ጸገማት ብሓባር ንምብዳህ ይኹን ዓበይቲ ቁምነገራት ንምስራሕ ዓቢ ኣስተዋጽኦ ከም ዘለዎ ድሕሪ ምጥቃስ፣ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ዓመታት ዝተራእዩ ጉድለታት ብምእራም፡ ንምዕባለ’ቲ ማሕበር ብዝተዋሃሃደ መንገዲ ክሰርሑ ኣዘኻኺሩ።

ሓላፊ ኮሚኒቲ በርሚንግሃም ኣቶ ኣማኒኤል ተኽለ ኣብ ዘስምዖ ቃል፡ ንርዝነትን ሚዛንን ሓልፍነት ጉጅለን፣ ተሩኡ ኣብ ምሕያል ኮሚኒቲ ድሕሪ ምዝኽኻር፣ ጉባኤኛታት ብግቡእ ክኣልዩ ዓቕሚ ዘለዎም ኣካየድቲ ክምረጹ ተላብዩ።

ኣብ መወዳእታ ጉባኤኛታት፡ 7 ብምሕጻይ 2 ተጣባበቕቲ 3 ኣካያዲት ኣካል ጉጅለ፣ ብደሞክራስያዊ ኣገባብ ምክፍፋል ስራሕ ኣቦ መንበር፣ ጸሓፊን፣ ተሓዝ ገንዘብን ብምምራጽ ጉጅለ ኣቚሞም።

ጉባኤ ጉጅለ መህግደፍ ኣብ ዓመት ሓደ ግዜ ብደሞክራስያዊ ኣገባብ ይካየድ።

Shoot Shoot, I have a bird to catch

 |  Monday, 17 April 2017 00:00

By Eritrean Media Group Holland

The 13th YPFDJ conference, which was started on Thursday 13 April 2017 in the city of Veldhoven, in the Netherlands was ordered to discontinue and displace the venue. The decision made by the mayor and Dutch government was a violation of basic democratic rights of European citizens. The whole scenario was well pre-planned. First create an illusion of "disorder of public safety" then make a decision to kill the target. The dramatic act of the decision was just like as journalist once said to the commander of soldiers in the war zone, "shoot shoot I have a bird to catch".

When the war broke out between Eritrea and Ethiopia in May 1998, more than 80 thousand of Eritreans have been deported from Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian Government's main reason was: "because we don't like the colour of your eyes". But I never thought such similar version of action would happen in the Netherlands. The Eritrean-Dutch & the Eritrean European citizens were deprived from their basic rights of holding their annual assembly. Where is the so-called liberal of Dutch democracy?

Every year Eritreans living in Europe as well as in the Netherlands have been holding annual conference for last decade. The annual Eritrean conference or assembly offers wonderful and unique opportunity to introduce Eritrean cultures and traditions, and meet and share with Eritreans from all over the European countries. The participants would be provided with a fun and creative environment for networking and discovery. The conference goers also got a glimpse into Eritrean culture through colourful cultural performances, music and dance, arts and crafts, exhibitions, educational seminars, discussion forums.

But, unfortunately, this year's conference, which was planned for 13th until the 17th of April 2017, half way cancelled due to distorted information. It is a shame to see such a move by some Dutch officials, who were misguided by couple of Eritrean "Traitors" and by wrongly perceived media outlets.

I used to believe that the western democracy in general, the Dutch democracy in particular stands for the majority rather than minority. The voice of the majority is always the winner. For reasons still is not known, they forbidden the European Eritreans from holding a conference in Veldhoven and forced to displace the conference goers.

The members of Eritrean communities across the Netherlands were outraged by the false accusations the decision and violation of basic rights last week. I believe people would be surprised and dumbfounded to see that Eritrean-Dutch citizens including Eritreans living throughout Europe deprived from their basic democratic rights.

Every precious human being deserves a chance to gather, to meet or have a festival as far as the public's peace is not disturbed. There is a saying that goes like this:  "innocent until proven guilty". This is a principle that requires the government to prove the guilt of a person and relieves the defendant of any burden to prove his or her innocence. Therefore, the Dutch officials should have studied their case before jumping to a quick decision.

The leading Dutch media, NOS TV, has reported that Eritreans in Diaspora are forced to pay 2% tax for the Eritrean government. If they don't pay, they face a consequence. The story, which was reported on the Dutch Media was biased, one sided and an outright lie. This is preposterous even to think of that.

The 2% income tax paid by Eritreans in the Diaspora in general and Eritreans in the Netherlands in particular, is not mandatory but voluntary and it is also legal as every citizen of the world does.

It is important the Dutch journalists to have a first-hand knowledge about Eritreans and verify the false accusations, which was reported on the Media, but they need to visit the Eritrean communities' centers that located throughout the Netherlands.

When you fulfill the request of a few treasons against the majority Eritreans, who support the Eritrean government overwhelmingly , by denying their basic rights, or as what is happened here in the Netherlands last week ... that is what makes it so double standard for Dutch officials to rejoice in their decisions.

For many years, we had the pleasure of believing that our basic rights was respected and protected, but as far as last week's action is concerned, our basic democratic rights marked by question.

17 April 2017
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Eritrean Media Group Holland

The 13th YPFDJ conference convened on Thursday 13 April 2017 after a full year of preparation and organisation to hold its 13th annual consecutive youth conference in the city of Veldhoven, in the Netherlands.

The conference had workshops designed to help youth discuss and debate European and global issues, learn from each other about their history, heritage and culture, as well as share their professional experiences.

The nearly 600 conference participants arrived from around the world, the majority were European citizens. They all arrived on Thursday 13 April and met for one full day and addressed part of the conference program before it was halted by the mayor of Veldhoven. That decision was a mistake of enormous proportion.

The decision made by the mayor and Dutch government was regrettable and politically motivated, and designed to halt the conference proceedings using false pretexts. The decision clearly violated the basic rights of assembly and freedom of expression of all the European-Eritrean citizens at the conference..

The purported reason given by the Dutch authorities to halt the conference abruptly within 24 hours was “public safety”, safety of the conference attendees. This reason is unacceptable and far removed from the reality of what transpired during the next two days.

The Conference Organizing Committee (COC), meticulously made all the necessary logistical arrangements and all participants had entered peacefully and in an orderly fashion without a single incident or disruption. At no time did the participants of the YPFDJ conference threaten the peace. In fact, for the last 13 years of holding conferences in different venues across Europe, including one in the Netherlands in 2008, there has never been a single complaint by any of the venues or city authorities in which the conferences were held.

All the transgressions that led to claiming public safety was committed by the Mayor of Veldhoven, several Dutch media outlets engaged in a frenzied effort to deny YPFDJ the right to hold the conference peacefully, and provided individuals who have been campaigning against Eritrea scornfully and obsessively for the past two decades, to instigate regime change in Eritrea.

The Mayor of Veldhoven inexplicably announced the address of the conference venue to the media on Wednesday 12th of April and the media outlets announced calls for demonstration in the local papers and around 60 individuals who recently sought asylum in the Netherlands turned up to violently protest, upon the urging by Professor Mirjam Van Reisen who has inserted herself in the Eritrean political arena, and taken sides. She advised some Eritreans who sought asylum in the Netherlands recently, that the only way to stop the conference was by provoking acts of violence and causing a disturbance. The evidence for this can be found all over social media and have been fully recorded.

Despite open provocation and violence by the protesters with Mirjam Van Reisen amongst them, all conference participants acted in a civilized manner and did nothing to retaliate against the violent actions, which included physical attacks on participants and vehicles entering the premises. The media outlets present outside the venue, with no knowledge about the conference, choreographed the protesters for the headline pictures and video clips disseminated throughout Holland and beyond.

Therefore, we find it unconstitutional and abuse of power by the Dutch authorities, to not only disrupt the conference and callously order the immediate evacuation of nearly 600 participants after darkness, putting everyone at risk including mothers with 4 months old babies.

After challenging the decision in court, the conference organisers offered to halt all conference activities and stay in the hotel as guests, the primary concern being the physical welfare and safety of the participants first; however, the authorities refused any consideration and forced all participants including babies, underage children, and disabled participants to leave the venue with little regards to find accommodation and transportation for the majority of the participants. Young adults who are European citizens were left stranded and dumbfounded in the middle of the night.

The conference participants who arrived to the Netherlands from all over Europe and some from USA and Africa did not have unplanned transportation tickets to travel back to their countries of residence, and even after presenting all the evidences of the enormity of their actions, the authorities decided to press the participants to vacate the hotel late in the evening, causing undue stress on conference participants.

For the young Europeans who were brought to learn the sacrosanct European values of freedom of assembly, speech, movement and expression and the right to be treated equally under the law, have been rudely awakened to the fact that these values do not apply to them. The message Dutch authorities sent this weekend is thus: “being an aggressor and committing violence by a few people can pay off to reach one’s goal of disrupting meetings of law abiding citizens”.

Finally, the opening day of the conference was April 13 which reminds all Eritreans and Europeans with Eritrean heritage another day of injustice where the decision of the Eritrean Ethiopian Border Commission (EEBC) gave its Final and Binding decision in Den Hague, Netherlands in 2002. Justice is still denied to the Eritrean people who have been fighting against the occupation of Eritrean sovereign land, with European Nations standing with the aggressive and illegal nature of the Ethiopian government and continue to victimise Eritrea until this day.

The unfair and unjust decision by the Dutch Authorities on 13th April 2017 to halt and evacuate the YPFDJ conference was a stark reminder of the stance taken by the Dutch government and European states to victimise Eritreans and reward the violent bullies, just like the non-implementation of the EEBC decision in Den Hague on the 13th April 2002.

The resilient, dignified and law abiding Eritreans and Europeans with Eritrean Heritage vacated the premises on the night with astounding organisation, compassion and solidarity for each other and managed to stay unshaken, despite the high level of treachery and collusion of the Dutch authorities with Professor Mirjam Van Reisen to deny their basic human rights and put their safety in danger in the middle of the night.

The organisers of YPFDJ along with all participants of the Conference and the vast organised Diaspora and justice seeking Europeans will seek to redress the injustice in every possible way and will make its plans clear in short period of time.

YPFDJ European Organising Committee
16th April 2017

By Sirak Bahlbi

April 13 is a very poignant date in the Eritrean calendar for the last 15 years due the enormous impact it has on the security and stability of the people of Eritrea and the Horn of Africa in general and a sad reminder of the international community`s dereliction of responsibility.

It is a symbolic date for injustice and betrayal of the Eritrean people with gross implications for the people of the whole region in the Horn of Africa. Famine, Migration, Occupation, Mass Protest, War, Ethnic Strife, ….are some of what characterises the current sad reality of the Horn of Africa.

The Eritrean and Ethiopian Border Commission (EEBC) established as part of the Court of Arbitration in Den Hague delivered its Final and Binding Decision on the 13th of April 2002 by giving its deliberation on the final border between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Even though the Eritrean-Ethiopian border decision which was reached after two years of extensive court proceedings and providing historical evidences by lawyers from both sides based on pertinent international laws, the continuing refusal to implement the decision by the Ethiopian government at the behest of US government and diplomatic support of western nations has been the main source of migration, instability and miserable failure of development in the region.

Before the two years it took for the court arbitration to deliberate, a two years of devastating and all consuming war took place between 1998 and 2000 where more than 100,000 people dying and over a million of the population internally displaced. At the end of the war, a peace agreement was signed by both government with the AU, EU and US as a guarantors of the peace process.

During the last 15 years, since the border decision in the Den Hague was reached on the 13th April 2002, the internationally community, led by the misguided policy of the US in the Horn of Africa, has being propping the lawless and belligerent stance of Ethiopian government, and perplexingly, has been accusing Eritrea with long list of charges ranging from Human Rights abuse, terrorism, bad governance….and much more which varies every year.

The US has also single-handedly used its influence in the UNSC to put Economic and Military sanctions in 2009 and 2011 to weaken the Eritrean government and bolster the Ethiopian government to continue its bellicose nature, which has been the single source of insecurity, famine and migration in the region.

13th of April is a reminder of failure of international law in Africa and a bad precedent for any future decision reached by court of arbitration. The betrayal of Eritrean people with impunity for the last 15 years by failing to implement the EEBC decision is another sorry treatment by the international bodies and governments which runs for more than a century against the peace loving, law abiding and hard working people of Eritrea.

The Eritrean people and government have been fighting against injustice and facing the consequence of long and unrelenting chain of abuse of its right, and April 13th is another reminder of this miscarriage of justice and abuse.

Looking at the media coverage of Eritrea over a long period of time, it has successfully and wrongly managed to create an image of Eritrea that is an aggressor and in a wrong side of every political issues, while the truth has been sadly ignored wantonly.

Anyone who is willing to reach beyond the media conjured images of Eritrea, a nation with a small population and a modest ambition has managed to create a stable genuine economic and political progress that is unmatched in the region and continent, and if the huge obstacles of war, diplomatic and political attack such as the non implementation of EEBC and military occupation of Eritrea’s sovereignty was not the progress could have been more impactful on the lives of its people.

It is time for the international community to stop betraying the nation of Eritrea for centuries and redress the injustice by implementing the EEBC decision, if it really cares for the human rights, democratic values and good governance of African nations as it constantly claims to do.

By Embassy Media - London 06 April 2017

Asmara Art Deco Exhibition was recently staged in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.
H.E. Saleh Omar Abdu, Eritrean Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the Republic of South Africa and SADC Countries opened the exhibition. Diplomats,
officials of the government of South Africa and Eritreans living in Cape Town attended the official opening.

The Eritrean Embassy in South Africa indicated that the exhibition is being staged under the theme "Asmara: City of Dreams".

It is part of the campaign underway in 16 cities of 9 countries with a view to placing

Asmara in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Over 10 years ago this exhibition was opened in Berlin showing in 16 venues in Europe, Israel and Africa.

H.E. Saleh Omar Abdu, gave briefing on Eritrean history during which he pointed out that Eritrea is endowed with yet untapped historical, cultural and natural heritages.
He reiterated that Eritrea societal values based on living in harmony and respect to one other is a unique asset. The Ambassador finally said that "Asmara: City of Dreams"
is a gem of world inheritance and has an excellent choice of becoming UNESCO's world heritage site.

Diplomats, Invited Guests, exhibition organizers Peter Herrmann and Corne Schoemann, who described Asmara art deco exhibition as astonishing and impressive.

In 2001 the Eritrean government decided to protect the entire city center of Asmara as a national monument. Asmara is Africa’s secret modernist city, having survived
the troubles of the Second World War, 40 years of Ethiopian occupation, and a thirty-year war of liberation almost unscathed, the city today is home to one of the largest
ensembles of modernist architecture anywhere in the world.

Eritrea has applied to have, capital of Eritrea, put on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The goal of the exhibition is to support this application.
This exhibition wants to draw international attention to this cultural heritage says Mr. Christophe during the opening briefing. Visitors of the exhibition will sign an appeal
that Asmara's architecture becomes a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The list of signers will be submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee before it makes its decision on the application added Dr.Conrad.

It will attract culture minded people from all over the world to visit these cities and thereby help them preserve heritage.

The exhibition wants to contribute to the debate about evaluation of classical modernism, the globalization of modern architecture, its historic value,
and also about effects in terms of urban planning.
However, Asmara is the only larger city in the world where a whole variety of architectural movements and their predecessors is assembled in the center in one ensemble.

Over hundreds visitors signed in support of Asmara Art Deco to be enlisted into UNESCO world heritage, diplomats, friends of Eritrea residing in Cape Town
attended the opening ceremony during which they put their signatures in the Asmara World Heritage Appeal document.

City of Dreams - Picture gallery (click here)


State Department’s Unwarranted Act

 |  Tuesday, 04 April 2017 21:30

On March 30th last week, the US State Department announced another inexplicable and unwarranted act against Eritrea.

The pattern is sadly the same. Fallacious reports are first floated and illicit measures subsequently announced by the same architects who act as the plaintiff, prosecutor and judge.

Misguided policies that emanate from this malicious standpoint have failed in the past. But instead of redressing them, certain officials in the State Department seem intent on dwelling in these acts through unremitting disinformation and blackmail.

The apparent objective is to give a “new lease of life” to the illicit US/ “UNSC” sanctions that are widely seen as utterly unjustified and scheduled for review this month.

This unconstructive approach is bereft of law and legality. Nor will it advance the interests of the US and the region.

Ministry of Information
3 April 2017

Asmara Art Deco Exhibition in Nairobi Kenya

 |  Tuesday, 04 April 2017 21:00

Asmara art deco organizers Mr. Christophe and Dr. Conrad, the Arbate Asmara group, staged an exhibition depicting Asmara's historic and art deco buildings at the grounds of the United Nations Office in Nairobi in collaboration with UNON and the Eritrean Embassy on Monday, April 3rd 2017. Diplomats, UN officials and Eritreans living in Kenya attended the official opening.

H.E. Beyene Russom, Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to Kenya, said that Asmara is a gem of world inheritance and has an excellent choice of becoming UNESCO's world heritage site and added that time has come where the whole world will know and celebrate the secret city.

Ambassador Beyene, also praised on the Eritrean history during which he pointed out that Eritrea is endowed with yet untapped historical, cultural and natural heritages. He reiterated that Eritrean societal values based on living in harmony and respect to one other is a unique asset.

UNON Director General Sahle Work, Dr. Aisa, DED of UN HABITAT and Eng. Nasser Musa, Director of Information on UNON, were some of the many UN officials and members who described Asmara art deco exhibition as astonishing and impressive.

In 2001 the Eritrean government decided to protect the entire city centre of Asmara as a national monument. Asmara is Africa’s secret modernist city, having survived the troubles of the Second World War, 40 years of Ethiopian occupation, and a thirty-year war of liberation almost unscathed, the city today is home to one of the largest ensembles of modernist architecture anywhere in the world.

However, Asmara is the only larger city in the world where a whole variety of architectural movements and their predecessors is assembled in the centre in one ensemble.

The exhibition is being staged under the theme “Asmara: City of Dreams”. It is part of the campaign underway in 16 cities of 9 countries with a view to placing Asmara in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Over 150 Eritreans and UN staff members signed in support of Asmara Art Deco to be enlisted into UNESCO world heritage The exhibition will move to Embassy of Order of Malta in Nairobi on Friday, where Diplomatic community are expected to attend.

Embassy Media

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1 Sep 2016

On Sunday 02 April 2017

Eritrean Community in North London organized seminar on education, challenges / opportunities, families & youth residing in London.

The speakers provide insight into the challenges and opportunities in education, and share some real life case studies and discuss the most pressing issues which the community is facing today in the United Kingdom. The aim of the event was to create an effective platform for communication and information sharing for existing and potential members of the communities. The Eritrean Community in North London enjoyed the event throughout the day with a positive and forward moving atmosphere, once again showing their unity by coming together and acting as a big family.

Mr. Mussie Beraki, chair of the organizing committee presented the opening remarks by welcoming the participants and wishing the event a success. Its aim is to start mobilizing Eritrean Communities towards the establishment of strong, viable and vibrant associations and to establish practical and formal links with institutions in UK.

Following a short introduction the event was kicked off with a presentation by Ms. Senait Tecle and Ms.Saba Gebregiorgis, share facts on the ground in building human capacity, education services, challenges / opportunities and gave an insightful presentation on their experiences. Many youth are suffering from high levels of stress because of the high demands from school, wanting to make their parents proud, fit in among friends, be popular on social media, wanting to get external confirmation of that there are good enough, making time for extra activities, plan and worry for the future.  Most teens think that they are alone in this and are instead suffering in silence. That is why we have decided to make a difference by sharing our experiences to inspire and help other families, members of the communities and youth & teenagers who are still struggling with the challenges. As a Motivational speaker, I speak about modern youth stress and how teenagers can manage school stress, family stress, social stress and personal stress. I also share with parents how they can help and support their stressed teen and how to prepare their children for future, explained Ms. Senait Tecle on her presentation. 

Ms. Saba Gebregiorgis on her end, gave a presentation on some facts and figures around the mainstream education process, she eloquently explained the challenges faced and the means used to overcome them. She further underlined the key role in developing skills transfer, she said;- the previous generation have done their part and now we want to do our best to support the New Generation of the 21st century.  

During the seminar detailed current updates was given clearly, various questions were asked and answered. According to the participants the outcome of the seminar was enlightening and was one that gave an insight into the overall challenges on families and youth issues. In addition to that most of the participants expressed extreme satisfaction in the presentation both on content and delivery. It was fully attended, engaged and a very successful seminar.

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1 Sep 2016

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